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Polling Place Lookup:

Click on the link below, type in your address and it will show you where to vote.

NOTE: It will show the designated voting place for the address you entered HOWEVER it does NOT mean you are registered.

We vote EVERY YEAR in Virginia.
* Election Day is the FIRST TUESDAY IN NOVEMBER.

HOWEVER, there are other elections through out the year.
* Presidential primaries are typically in March, however the Democrats now rotate their presidential primary days.
* If a party makes their local primary election public, it is typically in June.
* There is also special elections that can happen throughout the year for unexpected vacancies.
This was last updated 6/2024

There are several ways you can vote absentee. You can vote via early voting, vote by mail, and emergency absentee.
You will need to sign up for vote by mail. The ballot is expected back before election day. Read the instructions carefully, the rules keep changing and some ballots have been discounted because of error in how the ballot was filled out.

We commonly hear this as the reason one does not vote. Pick an issue or issues that is/are important to you, see which politician aligns with your values.

Some ways to learn which politician aligns with your values:

  • Go to each politician and see if they list their values or issues they support. Most will put it on their website. If they do not, try contacting them via social media or email.
  • Sometimes the best way to learn how a politician stands on an issue is to see how they voted: Ballotpedia offers users a background to the candidates. It's a little difficult to find the candidates you are looking for but when you do, it's quite comprehensive.
  • is a League sponsored research tool. The questions are developed by the League of Women Voters, and the politicians are invited to make a response. If you don't see a response, the politician decided not to.
  • LWV-LC Youtube page is the Loudoun League's video channel. We often have forums with candidates or speak with experts on an issue. You can attend the forums and most events, but if you are not able, we try to upload a recording of the event and post it here. We recently set the forums up as a youtube podcast: Loudoun Forum Podcast
  • Last updated 6/2024