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League Program

League Program

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Selected governmental issues chosen by members at the local, state and national levels for study and action


Our meetings are held once a year. The details of the process can be found in the section below.To prepare for these meetings, members can review the following positions:


It is so important for YOU to participate!According to the LWVUS publication, League Basics, "Program is the League's reason for being, the basis for both advocacy and education efforts." Program - governmental issues chosen for study and action - is an essential element of League and, because it is so important, has traditionally originated with the membership through the program planning process.
The process from discussion to the development of a League position is a long and well-defined one. Here are the basic steps:
  • At a Program Planning meeting members decide to retain, update, or delete all current positions and add any new items to study.
  • The Board then approves Proposed Program based on member input from the Program Planning meeting.
  • Members vote on the Proposed Program at the Annual Meeting or Convention.
  • If a new study is approved, a committee is established and a two-year study begins to research the issue and educate members.
  • Once the study is complete, members discuss the issue at Unit Meetings and come to consensus about the issue.
  • A position is written reflecting the views of the membership. The position is then approved by the Board and then voted on by members at the Annual Meeting or Convention.
  • Once the position is approved, the League can then advocate based on this new position.
This lengthy process of researching and studying issues before reaching a consensus on national, state or local issues is well known and respected. This thorough way of forging positions has made the League a credible and unique force. Our advocacy is based on sound, informed decision making at the grassroots level. People trust the League because they know that we study issues carefully before taking action.Key to the Success of This Process is participation by All MembersYour input is essential. Don't let a few members make these critical League decisions. Check the Calendar for the Program Planning meeting date.


For more information about League Program, visit the Members Only section of the website. You will need an ID and password to access this information. (NOTE: If you have not yet established a password, follow the directions for members logging in for the first time.)To better familiarize yourself with League Program, read the publication League Basics (select "For Members", select "Training and Resources", select "League Basics").

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